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by Navarro Canoe Co.

A long paddle can be hard on the unaccustomed back. This heritage seat back, made of the same quality as the canoe seats, can make those a long paddles a pleasure as your focus is on the beauty around you. The woven nylon seat back keeps you comfortable by dissipating the heat you generate paddling. It is installed and removed without any tools. It folds for easy transport. 

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This is a nice lake boat or slow river boat. It…

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This is a nice lake boat or slow river boat. It looks very traditional, but is a modern design. It is slightly V bottomed, with a straight keel and hollow bow and stern. It is relatively narrow so it paddles easily even though it is only 15' It tracks well and will turn quickly when laid over.

It is a great boat to paddle or fish from and quite fast for only 15 ft. It is only 34" beam and with a V bottom so it is not super stable if you are not paying attention. Like all the Navarro boats it is beautiful to look at, and quite durable considering that the hull is fiberglass over cherry.

It is not big enough for serious tandem camping, especially since we usually also have a Labrador with us in it.