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730 Double

by Mirage Sea Kayaks


We bought this boat several years ago to use on one week…

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We bought this boat several years ago to use on one week plus trips off the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. I've been in several other tandems and this boat out performs them all in every aspect.

I don't know how Mirage managed to build a boat so stable and yet so fast. It is a dream to paddle. I have another tandem that is advertised as a racing double and the Mirage is so much faster. We've had it it out in 2 meter seas, in confused chop and in high winds and it performed well in all conditions. The integrated rudder works well. The seats are comfortable and the workmanship is good. Mirage met our every requirement and even the long distance shipping and customs hurdles worked out OK.

Our boat is rigged to steer from either the front or back cockpit (Mirage said front steering is helpful in places like the Great Barrier Reef). We have the electric bilge pump that works well, especially after wet surf take offs. You just flip a switch and keep paddling. The foot rests and steering pedals are a little hard to adjust compared to most however they ultimately end up working just fine.

This is a big boat. It looks kind of funny on the car. We were camping near a lake last week and heard our campsite neighbor exclaim, " Holy cow, that is one huge #%&!! kayak." It is big but it is fast and smooth.