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  • 13' Length
  • 33" Width
  • $949 MSRP

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I have 2 other boats...

I have 2 other boats (Perception America, Wilderness System Pungo) and was interested in a SOT. I did weeks of research on every website that covered SOT kayaks. After coming to the conclusion to go with the Liquidlogic Deuce Coupe I couldn't be happier.

It's a great family boat with my wife, granddaughter and a picnic lunch packed aboard looking for that sandbar on the Edisto River to pull over and have lunch. I've also used it solo and found that it handles great in all kinds of condition's. I go fishing with the guys at work a lot. Most of them have dedicated fishing SOT's, with the seat in the solo position I've got plenty of room for all my tackle, rods and a cooler and can stand and cast with no problem (fishing model Liquidlogic). The seats on this boat are so comfortable my friends are jealous and a couple are trying to figure out how to modify their boats to accept the seats.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with this boat and would recommend it to anyone looking for a tandem SOT get one and get out and enjoy the water.

So I am a guy that did...

So I am a guy that did lots of paddling 20 years ago a recently got the urge to get back into it. I often paddle solo which steered me towards a SoT so I could get back on it rather than rely on my very old rolling skills. That part was easy however there were other requirements too, I wanted to be able to Kayak with my wife and kids oh I want to do lakes, ocean and a bit of class 2/3 fun.

I looked at the obvious choices from Ocean Kayak and Perception etc and found they were really designed just to go straight which means easy to live with as long as you don't what to have fun. Then I came across the Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe at a Rental Center and loved it. So whats so great about it?

  1. It's hull shape is based on a white water boat with rocker so it can turn very well for a 13ft boat.
  2. It has a drop down skeg which is activated by a handy lever with this dropped you get straight line speed and great tracking when paddling with cross winds.
  3. It does white water!!
    I did get some strange looks when I launched this with all the rafters and whiter water kayakers on the American river that was running at the mid Class 3 levels. Awesome fun with two people, you can steer around and into stuff and the sheer momentum means you can just charge through stoppers that stall out lighter boats. Note you will get wet!! There are plenty of massive scuppers and the boat drains almost instantly so no great stress.
  4. They boat now ships as standard with two very comfortable seats. You and convert to a single seat option buy unscrewing 4 screws and moving the rear seat to the central position.
There are a few minor negatives to consider, none of these should be deal breakers:
  1. Heavy! about 75lbs makes it hard to load on a roof rack on your own.
  2. Cup holders, there are 5 molded in cup holders (more than my car) The problem is it is easy to knock your beer out of these holders with your paddle, especially when it gets bumpy.
  3. No Knee braces, this is what really limits the capability to Class 3, the boat would get down more challenging runs but you just can't stay on it. I think knee straps are an option on the single seater version.
Overall an awesome fun boat that really does deliver on its promise of versatility.

This is an excellent all...

This is an excellent all around family sit on top. It doesn't excel tremendously in any one area, other than in flexibility. It can be paddled solo or tandem. I have also paddled it while sitting in the center with one kid up front and one kid behind. It handles flatwater fine thanks to the addition of a drop down skeg. It also handles rivers up to class III without much difficulty thanks to slightly more rocker than a typical SOT and a more rounded hull. The seating is very comfortable.

In summation: If you're looking for a boat that lets you handle surf, flats, and moderate whitewater and lets you take two adults or an adult and two kids, and you have the space to store this 13' beast, the Deuce Coupe is well worth a demo paddle.

Purchased the Liquid Logic...

Purchased the Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe because of several features: the ease of moving the kayak to the water when a boat launch is not an option, plenty of room for two kayakers, ability to paddle solo or duo, a skeg that can be lowered or raised depending on desire to go straight or navigate tight waterways, and because it is a very stable kayak and hard to flip. Found out the kayak was not easy to move through various terrains (had to purchase a kayak dolly), limited storage options to hold gear for a day trip, and very hard to reach storage areas as a solo kayaker.

The kayak is very stable and I love the skeg design giving you the option for more maneuverability when needed. Biggest con to the boat is that it is easily cut – I have taken it out on the water three times and it does not just get dinged and scuffed – these are actually cuts in the boat anytime it hits anything – durability is low.
Liquid Logic was more expensive than other kayaks – I probably would not spend the extra money for Liquid Logic next time.

I have had the Deuce Coupe...

I have had the Deuce Coupe for 2 months now and I think it is great. So far if have paddled 4 different lakes and it is great on flat water. The speed boats leave a wake but this kayak is so stable it just gently rocks over them with no need to turn into them. It turns very easily back in the tight canyons of Arizona with the skeg up and we can slip both ends of the boat. Drop the skeg and it tracks straight all the way across the lake even in strong wind and waves.

My wife and I have really enjoyed using this boat and is a beautiful thing when we can paddle in sync. We can hang our feet over the side when we eat lunch and just relax. It is the perfect way to escape the heat in Arizona. 105 degrees outside and 68 degree water dripping on you keeps you just right.

With both of us being in our 60's this has been a great adventure. Transports easily on top of my car, I can load it by myself especially with the help of a rug and the wheel at the back. What a great boat and so much fun.

My wife and I have enjoyed...

My wife and I have enjoyed the Deuce Coupe for about 10 weeks. I find it difficult to lift it to the car rack (Honda CRV) because of weight. An extra set of handles would help since it is so long. The seats are excellent! Could use a little bit larger storage bins but not a must. The skeg rules!! Keeps this large boat straight where you point it even in some Intercoastal winds. The "mango" color is really orange and quite noticeable. Would buy it again without a doubt. Best tandem for the money.

I have 3 kayaks at...

I have 3 kayaks at present. The first two being a surf kayak, a whitewater kayak and the 3rd and newest being the Liquid Logic Duece Coupe. I find the Duece Coupe as a tandem paddles straight with out the skeg and seems to be faster that way. Turning the kayak is fairly quick. To get the most out of this boat, you may want to practice your paddling stokes . Oh, and by the way, this sot is really a lot of fun.

I bought a Deuce Coupe...

I bought a Deuce Coupe about 2 weeks ago before heading to the coast for a week with my family. I'm an experienced canoeist (mainly C1 and C2, wildwater team several years in C2) and this is the first kayak to join a fleet of various types of canoes, though I've paddled a number of kayaks over the years. I have kids 4 and 7.

What a fun boat! We took it out every day we stayed on the North Carolina coast at Emerald Isle. The first day out we had decent swell and my brother in-law and I did some nice surfing runs - the boat is very controllable coming down a wave face, and will side surf smoothly if you screw up. Something interesting was water shooting up at least a foot out of the drain holes on fast rides. We had one near ender on the outer bar where the nose stuffed but rose back out, and one on the inner bar where we tumbled out almost vertically when it met the bottom.

My novice paddler wife has also enjoyed surfing the boat in smaller swells, and my kids have enjoyed swimming off and on of it - it is very stable and they had no problems standing up, jumping into the water, and then climbing back on. It is really a cool boat.

The only similar boat I'd paddled before was an Ocean Kayak Malibu Two - overall I like this one much better mainly due to its better maneuverability. I've not used the rudder any and really enjoy the ability to bring the back end around on a wave. It is also very forgiving sideways in a breaking wave - notably more so than the Malibu which I think was hampered by the big rear keel. In some soupy white breakers you can bring it around from a side surf to straighten out again.

Regarding the comment about not tracking without the skeg down, I'd just add that it depends on what you expect.
I'd originally planned to buy a Malibu Two XL, but ended up with this one after closer review.

Speed is relative - all sit-on-top tandems are slow (except maybe the Oceak Kayak Zest), and that slowness is due to their shortness and width. This boat did not feel notably more or less slow than the Ocean Kayak, though I'm used to fast boats.

The only negative I had was that the bow does not rise over waves as much as I'd like - it simply does not have enough buoyancy to avoid pinching off a chunk of any breaking wave as you paddle out. As such, even solo, it is not hard to fill the boat up when paddling out. It does drain pretty quickly. The boat is also pretty water tight - each day the boat was in a lot of breaking waves and at the end of the day we never had more than quart, and most days less than a pint. I think most of the leakage was due to the 3 hatches that are standard on the boat.

The stock seats are very comfortable, and the taco paddle holders work well. The bow one hits my right foot when I solo and I'll move it forward a little I think. The seat molding has more depth to it than the Malibu Two, so even solo with no outfitting I had no problem staying in the boat, even side surfing.

The rear wheel works well on hard surfaces and ok on packed sand. I bought a Wheeleez beach cart also, which we used extensively as we had probably 125 yards from parking to the beach.
Build quality seems good, and the boat is made in the US.

Overall, the boat fully meets my expectations and I'm very pleased with it.

Only demoed this kayak on...

Only demoed this kayak on a small lake. Tracking was terrible with the skeg up. Tracking with the tarpon 130t is straight on and you don't have to worry about the skegg!! Every stroke with the deuce the bow was bouncing left and right. With the skeg down it was straight on. In terms of speed and turning the deuce is no better the the Tarpon as it is advertised, in fact I would say the Tarpon even turns easier. 150 bucks less you get a better kayak all around with the Tarpon.

I rented both kayaks before I bought the Tarpon130t. I also own a Tarpon 140. Needed a tandem also. All sit-ons move slow...They push this deuce like it's faster across the water then other tandems, don't buy it, try it first.

Fairly new to kayak...

Fairly new to kayak ownership, but have rented several. After trying out a couple of demos, my wife and I decided to buy both the Deuce Coupe and the Versa Board. I also own a Wilderness Systems Ride 135. The Deuce is hands down the best of the three for nearly everything. It is very comfortable, holds 500lbs, and is a tandem or solo. We have moved the rear seat forward to the middle position and use it as a solo most of the time. It tracks very well with the skeg down, and with it up the maneuverability compared to the WS Ride is eye-opening. We are using it at the lake, but can't wait to get on a river. Lots of room for storage, but the only real con for me is no large hatch to store gear. I am on my way down to buy a second Deuce this week, since my wife has claimed the first one.