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I purchased the kokanee...

I purchased the kokanee Kayak for my wife over the weekend from sports authority. they had it on sale for $349 and with my points and discount it came out to $289. for a low cost kayak i have to say it is very nice. It is wide at 36" so very stable. This sit on top rides high on the water and is difficult to tip.

Pros - Stable - I was able to stand up in this kayak not comfortably but didnt feel like i was going swimming at all. Plenty of room - this kayak is only 10.5 ft but was able to sit my wife and 2 sons with lots of room for gear. Easy to paddle - my wife was able to navigate this kayak easily and had no issue getting around the lake with my two boys (11 and 9).

Cons - Carrying - this kayak ghas a strap in the front but just a little finger groove in the back which is useless once wet. Seats - the seats are comfortable but they pop out of the clamps a little to easily. Slow - it maneuvers well enough but this kayak isn't winning any races.

This is my first kayak and...

This is my first kayak and I have only been out on it twice. This kayak is heavy and without a cart is very hard to get around. Even with 2 people, it was difficult to get to the river. The seats are mostly useless. When you put any weight on them they pop off.

I do love how roomy the kayak is. I also like that it is very stable and a sit on top. I saw a lady at a campground with the Kokanee kayak and she said she owned three. Out of the three she said she uses the Kokanee the most. I hope with a cart it will make a huge difference getting the kayak to the truck and river. I am new to kayaking and the most important feature for me at this time is stability and safety.

I feel the Kokanee is a 10 in this category. I hope to find a solution to the seats popping off so easily and that will make a huge difference.

Overall, I am happy with my kayak but would probably look for something a little lighter next time.

A very sturdy and basic...

A very sturdy and basic tandem kayak. I bought 2 of these and we have loved taking them out to our local lakes. They are a little heavy and kind of hard to load on top of our Toyota Sienna, but we are getting better at it. No real handle in the back, so it makes carrying a little hard. For the money this kayak is a great choice.

First kayak I have owned. ...

First kayak I have owned. I have enjoyed this kayak but have been a little disappointed in some of the features. The back end of the kayak has a small indented handle under the kayak which makes carrying the kayak difficult. Also the seat backs do not stay in the clips that hold them in place and in my opinion are cheaply made. Other than the handle and seat backs the kayak is a very fun kayak to take on the lake or river.

This is a great,...

This is a great, inexpensive kayak. It handles very well. This is my fifth kayak. The speed of this kayak surprised me. It maneuvers well in traffic. It is a little wide for a solo yak but very stable. I could stand up while fishing. Plenty of room for my 60 lb. pup. Roomy for two adults; not cramped at all. It is heavy for one person and I will be making a cart for it. This has become my favorite kayak. There is not one that compares in this price range.

We bought 2 Kokanee...

We bought 2 Kokanee Tandems in Discontinued Orange. I have owned kayaks previously and this kayak is the best bang for your buck.... It has great features like 2dry holes, and multiple placement seating... Can also add a 3rd child. I find this is the best Kayak I have ever seen to accommodate a large dog !!! We used a poly pool lounge may, cut it to fit the front half of the Kokanee and paddle from the back seat... Works perfectly for a dog or people lounge!

This is the most versatile Kayak ever and is great for just tooling around and I was surprised that it tracks pretty well too! If you're looking for a family fun Kayak that fits the budget ...this is it...!!!! Only alterations needed.... Add side front and back kayak handles, the ones attached are weird... But that's a minor add on that any home-depo'er can do on their own cheap! Well worth it for the 100's of dollars saved on buying the Lifetime Kokanee Tandum.

I bought this for my wife...

I bought this for my wife and I to paddle around on the local lakes near Ogden, Ut. We love this kayak. Very stable, tracks well and easy to paddle. No it is not an expensive model and there are limitations to it. However if you are looking for a fun recreational boat, this is it. We have taken gkids out with us, the different configurations are great. And the dog has plenty of room in the bow. It is heavy, I added two handles on the stern and the rear scupper is not comfortable but with my pad I don't notice it now. We will buy another to take kids (grown) with us.

This is a new model kayak...

This is a new model kayak and seems to be intended to replace the Manta. Sold at Sports Authority, only available in green. It's basically the cheapest tandem you can get. I bought it knowing what it is... a cheap kayak for tooling around with my kids.

It actually weighs 76 lbs (not 66 as listed here). It is a tandem but has a jump seat in the middle. Capacity is 425 lbs. My intention is to carry two kids with me so this is fine. It is surprisingly spacious for a 10.5' kayak. Very stable. Actually tracks pretty well too. It is not fast but I wouldn't call it slow either. It's perfect for playing around with the kids or even taking alone and going fishing. My only negative is that it is on the heavy side for lifting myself but I knew that going in to it.

I would recommend it for exactly this purpose - going nowhere and playing with kids on lake, slow river, or calm surf.