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LOMO Amara kayak glove : Waste of money

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I wore these gloves in cold weather. They are utterly useless, the water flushes through the glove constantly. I took them off and my hands were a lot warmer without them. I phoned LOMO and was told that the water would be heated by my hands (normal wetsuit operation), however much I explained that was not the case they repeated their argument. I explained that I am an experienced paddler who has ventured as far afield as the Lofoten Islands. I was told that if I had complained before wearing the gloves then I could have received a refund - I asked how could I know they were not fit for purpose without trying them out? I was told by the person I was speaking to that they used the gloves throughout the Winter and that they were warm. I said it was impossible. I said that I would write a review detailing the problems that I am having with the glove to which an insulting manager got on the phone, told me that he had been listening to the conversation and said that I was "threatening" and "blackmailing." He continued with his abusive tirade without giving me a chance to speak. I am more than happy for him to pass a copy of my blackmail attempt to the police but somehow doubt that his evidence will stand up in court.