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Jeaga Reviews

by Khaya


I like the way it handles

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I have a 1999 Khaya Jeaga sea kayak (16' fiberglass) that I've had several years. I like the way it handles. Am not really an open water paddler, Use it on lakes, in the FL Keys, intra-coastal. I tried several boats at a regional symposium and decided to buy it because it was light weight, seemed to track well w/o rudder, and was speedy. Not sure it's a great boat for serious open water based on old reviews. The back band and seating are so-so. I removed the backhand and improvise with a removable backrest.
Specs: (I have some pamphlets from different years - there are slight variations - the first specs are from pamphlet I got in 1999. Not sure if the other is later or earlier.)
length 16' 2.5"
beam 22 3/8" or 22 1/2"
cockpit 29" x 16" or 27" x16"
depth 12.875" or 12"
max load 320 lbs
weight 46 lbs
light weight version = 40 lbs - that's what I have
front & rear hatches