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11'10 Isle Touring

by ISLE Surf & SUP


Isle touring and diamond tail…

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Isle touring and diamond tail Pros great quality. great shapes Cons no cons board shape is designed to do what they do and do very well Usage I use the touring for flat water in all conditions. Fantastic. Diomond tail rips.both board paddle and handle very nice.seen a lot of boards. surfed since 1977 isle boards are good quality boards . no b.s.

This board is nice…

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This board is nice. Pros I like the quality of the board. Not a Pop Off by no means. Very well made, good materials and a great look. Isle boards are priced low, but you get the quality of a higher priced board. FOR REAL. Cons Cant complain. The 2013 model with the pop out handle,love it. Usage I paddle this board 3 to 6 miles a day. EVERY DAY ! When the wind blows I paddle the headwind on my knees with a custom short paddle I made. Then stand up when its at my back. I also have their 10'2"diomond tail.Nice rocker, dual channeled to quad fin with 8" center. Its great for surfing.