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iRace 12'6" Reviews

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Read reviews for the iRace 12'6" by Tower Paddle Boards as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Hated it. But generally I...

Hated it. But generally I just don't like the inflatables. This board was not as fast as I would expect a racer board. The paddle wiggles around the joint points and the pump let air leak when reaching the high psi's. Pros Light weight easy to carry around as it is inflatable Cons inflatable board Not that fast the paddle that comes with it wiggle around the joint point there is an air leak from the pump toward the high psi's Usage exercise and yoga

Stable and fast....

Stable and fast. Pros Inflate able. Fast Tracks straight longer Durable Cons Dark color gets hot if left in the sun Usage Touring and exercise

Best purchase I could have...

Best purchase I could have made! I love the way this board moves through water and the people at Tower Paddle Boards are wonderful to deal with. This board has a two year warranty and I can get it pumped up to 15psi in less than 8 minutes. The quality of workmanship is evident and there are countless videos produced by TPB to get you going. Had I known now how much fun this board was going to be, I would have bought it sooner! Pros It's fast! I have another Bic hard board, but this 12'6" IRace is in another league. The deck padding is so nice on my feet and it is super maneuverable. This is my first, but not my last inflatable. I weigh 193 and did not want any flex. This board is like being on a hard board only my feet love the small "give". I'm sold on inflatables thanks to this board. Cons There is not one thing I don't like about this board. The paddle is very basic and came with the package I ordered. Eventually I will replace it with a higher end paddle. Usage I use it on my local lake, but this lake is notorious for having sudden winds. The IRace is easy to correct when a gust hits me and crashes through high water. My goal is to start racing this year and so far, I've made a great selection of company and board to get me going.

My pal from colorado...

My pal from colorado brought this inflatable to hawaii this year and thought he might use it in upcoming Hui O'He'He Nalu 4th july SUP race we do. board was more buoyant and solid than I had initially conceived. But it was definite less responsive and a little slow compared to a hard board. would take getting used to. Pros portable, quality materials, nice glide, easy to inflate Cons need deeper fin vs stock for anything but super flat lake waters, slower response and more drag than hard board. Usage I would use it just to tour and exercise. no racing unless it's a inflatable race.

This inflatable stand up...

This inflatable stand up paddleboard is great! It has a thick platform, nice grip...seems pretty durable and has a good amount of paracord rigging already on the board so you can strap down Dry bags, gear, etc. Pros Stable, tracks easy, easy to pump up, has a great easy to use valve. Cons A bit squishy underfoot at 11 PSI Usage Recreational. Curvy spring fed rivers.

A fun, fast board. Stable...

A fun, fast board. Stable enough for an intermediate paddler, straight tracking, light weight. Construction is identical to any other inflatable, the fin is easy to install (easier than some inflatables that require some wrestling to bend the mount points together). I'm no racer, but I definitely notices a speed increase over the "all around" type board I also have. Pros Easy to store. Easy to inflate. Fast, stable and straight. Tough construction, no worries about dents or dings. Very inexpensive compared to comparable models from other brands. Cons It's black, so it gets fairly hot in the sun. A bit worried about leaving it in the sun risking over pressuring from the heat. Usage Touring on flat water
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