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Skimmer 128 Reviews

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  • 12' 9" Length
  • 28" Width
  • $1,199 MSRP

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I needed a SOT for...

I needed a SOT for reasons really. I've fished SINKs for years. With that...I purchased the Skimmer 116 after 2 years of comparing.

This boat shines when in motion. It really, truly glides over the water. Amazing control. Soft interaction with water. It maneuvers on a dime. Very easy to paddle in the wind and chop. The only issue I have is that it is tippy. It's not a boat that you kick back in. You really wanna be in motion all the time. They advertise as a touring boat. So, no false advertising here. It is not a boat that you go out and kick back in due to it's tippy'ness.

I have kicked my legs over the sides of the boat, which helps a bit when sitting in one spot. I also notice when I put my paddle on my lap and hold on to the handles, it helps when not in motion. I'm wondering if knee straps may be the answer to keeping this boat from being tippy while not in motion.

I'm still keeping this boat. It is lightweight. Beautiful. Easy to handle. Absolutely wonderful in motion on any lake, big or small.

I just bought a Hurricane...

I just bought a Hurricane Santee Sport 11'6 kayak taking it out tonight for it's Maiden voyage. I am already liking the weight as I can finally lift the Kayak myself. Had two others and their both a like lift a BEAR!! Now I will be lifting a baby Fawn!!

I have had my Hurricane...

I have had my Hurricane Skimmer for just over a year now and I wouldn't swap it for any other kayak. The ones I've had in the past have been very heavy, this one is not - it's considerably lightweight. I think it handles well and the comfort is really good. I give it 10/10

I've had my Hurricane...

I've had my Hurricane Skimmer 128 for about a year. I paddle inland lakes and rivers almost exclusively. I've paddled many boats and this is my current favorite. Previously my QCC 600X kevlar/carbon was my best paddling boat, but back and hip issues prevent me from maintaining the nearly straight legged sitting position of a sit inside kayak.

A sit on top cannot compare with the feeling of being one with your boat that a snug sit inside kayak provides, and the Skimmer is no exception. It is wider, rides higher and catches more wind than a sit inside, even though I weigh about 170 lbs. But the trade off is that I can now paddle for hours without pain.

A huge bonus is that, magically, the Skimmer tracks better for me than any previous boat--even my QCC. I used to need to take frequent corrective strokes. Unless the wind is very strong, I track straight and true in the Skimmer. I can also lift and carry it short distances. It is beautiful with a glassy finish that suction cups stick to well (compass, etc), the ABS like material is tougher than you would expect, the Skimmer has a lot of dry and wet storage, and is a great boat to take our 10 lb. dog out--he is a bow rider and there is room for us both in the cockpit. I do use some anti skid material for him to get a grip, though. My 225+ lb. husband paddles my Skimmer 128 with no problem. He is thinking of getting a Skimmer 14 for himself.

Pros: great tracking, maneuverable, light and fast paddling, fantastically comfortable and adjustable seat, roomy, stable, a lot of storage, light weight, beautiful.

Cons: extra buoyancy means it rides high, wish it was narrower and the seat well was lower, needs a decent cup holder or spot to attach a carabiner.
Otherwise, a great boat!

I love my Hurricane...

I love my Hurricane Skimmer. It is so lightweight and easy to handle. Tracks beautifully. Very comfortable. Just right for my small size and will accommodate a larger paddler. Good storage for day trips. Ample leg room. Fun to paddle. Love it!!!

Almost perfect! My silver...

Almost perfect! My silver Skimmer is a beautiful boat to look at, and a pleasure to paddle. It is quiet, fast, and I haven't needed a scupper plug yet to have a dry ride. Lots of dry storage, and the rear well is large enough for my cart.

It is just a personal preference, but since I often have to boat up the evening before a paddle to get an early start, and since I live in Florida, it would have been better for me to have a removal seat that wouldn't get rained on during the night. The seat itself is very comfortable and adjustable, and I don't doubt I'm in the minority about that feature.

Other SOTs that I have paddled (Tarpon 100, Hurricane Phoenix 120, Perception Tribe 9.5 and Perception Tribe 11.5) don't come close to the performance and beauty of this boat.