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Mirage® Revolution® 11 Reviews

by Hobie
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  • 11' 6" Length
  • 29" Width
  • $2,349 MSRP

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I have now been using this...

I have now been using this boat for almost 3 years as my primary fishing kayak due to some shoulder problems. First, let me say how wonderful it is that there is a kayak operated with leg power, for those with problems like mine. Although I will be happy to get back to my paddle kayaks, the Hobie has been a lifesaver.


The listed weight is 55 pounds. That isn't horrible as standard USA plastic yaks go, but I guess I am just getting spoiled by much lighter kayaks. In my opinion anything over 60 pounds is not fun to use.


Adjusting and installing the drive is easy. The rudder is excellent in the way it stows for launch and landing. I do have some problems deploying the rudder because it catches on the rudder bungee retaining clip.

Without the rudder the kayak is almost impossible to handle. Hobie should have done a much better job with this aspect of hull design. Yes, you normally operate with the rudder. However, if it breaks you are in deep trouble. There are also situations like surf launches and landings where the rudder should be stowed.

With the rudder up, tracking is nonexistent. You will fight to keep this kayak on course. I have heard that this is just a problem created by poor user paddle technique. I assure you, it isn’t. I have been paddling all kinds of kayaks for many years, and I know how to paddle using corrective strokes and lean-steering. This kayak flat-out sucks without the rudder.

I miss the fact that the Hobie won't back up or turn on a dime with the drive. It does circle quite tightly, even with the standard rudder. Stability seems good, both primary and secondary. Not as good as some of my other kayaks, but adequate. It is at its worst with following seas.


For a short, rather wide kayak, the Revo 11 has good speed. I measured an average cruising speed of 3.3-3.5 mph with the Mirage drive and Turbo fins. A fast pace that I could hold with the Mirage drive for a couple hundred yards or so was 4.0. The max I could get was 5.0. That seemed slow, but it is what it is. A well-conditioned pedaler might up these by 10% or so.

“Hands free” operation:

This is really a bogus claim. In reality there is a frequent need to adjust the rudder and that takes one hand. So, it is really HAND free operation. Also, when fighting a fish if you want to turn, you must take one hand off your reel. With a paddle kayak you operate the rudder with your feet. The mirage drive does let you advance the boat to pick up line or use the drive to fight a fish away from obstructions. Good and bad.


My mirage drive has developed problems 4 times in the 2 years I’ve had it. Most were easy fixes. It did require me to replace the idler pulley. You need to check the drive often and even then it is not trouble free. In addition, the plastic hull material seems softer than most. It scratches easily and will develop divots and dents if not stored properly.

I have owned my Revo since...

I have owned my Revo since '09 and have over 700 miles on it and well over a 1000 fish caught. It's the greatest thing since the advent of the wheel. Just ordered a 2016 and am excited to get out there.

I love the versatility of...

I love the versatility of this boat. I purchased this model because of the large flat area behind the cockpit, hoping my corgi would sit there. Hasn't worked, she sits in my lap which makes pedaling difficult to say the least. I also have the sail rig for this boat. It's easy to set up and works great. The boat is heavy though, no way I could pick it up over my head alone. I also have the wheels to get the launch point and the speedometer. Fun accessory. The fins don't work so great if you end up in an area with vegetation. Something to keep in mind if you are considering this boat.

Because of advancing age,...

Because of advancing age, I needed to replace my Hobie Outback with something lighter. I got hold of one of the first Revolution 11 boats off the production line, and added an Evolve motor to the rudder. Along with the Spirit sail, this has been an ideal geriatric kayak!

I have a Sport, Revo 13,...

I have a Sport, Revo 13, and this one. I use the 11 for slow rivers and large to small lakes. It turns quicker than my 13, but the cockpit and width are essentially the same as the 13. I just wish the hull had a larger stern tail fin or harder chines to allow for it to be paddled more effectively - only reason to give it a 9.
The tracking stinks w/o the rudder. I use a sailing rudder and ST fins on this one (not Turbo).

I agree with all of...

I agree with all of previous reviews with one exception. This boat, especially the back, is much heavier than just about any other kayak I've ever used. I’m usually loading it by myself so fortunately the side handles are very sturdy and comfortable. The front and back handles are pretty standard. I've owned mine for 2 years and aside from hating my life every time I pick it up... it's an AMAZING boat.

I also purchased the turbo fins. They definitely make a huge difference getting up to speed or towing something but once you're moving it doesn't really matter.

I just tried out three of...

I just tried out three of the Hobie kayaks... Outback, Rev 11, and 13. Here are my observations: The Outback is slow, sluggush, heavy, and a great fishing platform. Kind of like trying to paddle or peddle a tank in water. If someone doesn't mind lots of resistance, this is a great boat for the angler since it has lots of deck room for fishing stuff, and stability for open water.

My personal favorite, however, was easily the Rev 11. Maybe because I have other kayaks for paddling and exploring. However, I really want a kayak for fishing. Thus, the need for the peddles and Mirage system. This kayak turns on a dime yet is very stable, great for peddling as well as paddling. And, especially for car topping. At 57 pounds, it was 20 pounds lighter than the Outback. Thus, a no brainer for my Thule Rack on top of our CRV Honda.

I didn't feel the Rev 13 added that much difference. Longer by a few inches but felt the Rev 11 had everything I needed. I plan to buy the Hobie Rev 11 this summer and replace my Old Town Pack canoe. The Mirage peddle system sold me on the advantages for a great fishing system.

For what it is designed...

For what it is designed for this is a top notch kayak. The Mirage paddle system is pure genius. So much more efficient than the other propulsion system kayak (which I have also tried). This is a very fast kayak and fairly stable. It is short and narrow but with the Hobie tri-hull it is reasonably stable. Probably not as much as the Outback or some of the other wider Hobie kayaks.

The strengths of this model is easy to store, transport and launch due to its size and weight. It is very nimble and responsive when it comes to turning. It is very fast. Frees up your hands for fishing etc.

Weaknesses are its ruggedness. My other kayak is a Native Watercraft Manta Ray and this Hobie can't come close to its ruggedness but that is why the Hobie weighs half as much. I would not think the Hobie would be ideal for shallow oyster beds, rocks etc. You have to be very careful with the Mirage drive in shallow water and oyster beds etc. I see plenty using it in these conditions but you just need to be more careful than lets say my Manta Ray which plows thru anything.

This is a great kayak and for what it does and compared against other fishing and rec kayaks I give it a solid 10.
This is my wife's kayak and she loves it.

Have loved my Outback, but...

Have loved my Outback, but at 20 lbs lighter, and slimmer, the Revolution 11 better suits my age of 78 years.
A very sweet boat!!