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Apex 4R 14-7.5 Reviews

by Hobie
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This board uses Hobie's...

This board uses Hobie's BCX4R construction. The 7.5 stands for 27.5" inches wide. The "raw" series is a little lighter I think but the 4R is more durable. Specs are given in Hobie website. Pros Beautiful design/colors...I got the solid yellow w/black stringer stripe and blue pin stripes. Pad is blue. Newer design is (I think) not as nice since yellow has a hex or other mottled pattern. Note: I'm a total newbie but I did demo other 14' race/tour boards: a 404, the Lihue Kai carbon (I think it's called) and the BlackBox Tekbox Uno. 404 has a lot of rocker and works if you can go fast and make it plane (what I've heard). It is quite light. Lihue Kai carbon tracks really straight and was fun to paddle but I definitely could feel the weight. I've heard they are about 30 pounds. Definitely durable though! BB Uno is a beautiful board, with a very flat profile. It would be great for really flat water I would think. Weight and price on BlackBox tekbox (molded) Uno both more than that of the Hobie Apex 4R. Re: the Hobie: I love the sort-of combination piercing/displacement-hull nose on the Hobie...again...I'm a total newbie but it just seems to be the right combination. 404 nose is very high and pronounced...BB Uno seems almost too close to the it might pearl. On Hobie you can track well by standing a little more forward. Tracking not as straight as the L.K. and perhaps the BB Uno...though I only paddled the Uno in lumpier ocean conditions so tracking was a little harder to characterize compared to flat harbor paddling. Hobie nose will also be good for small downwinders (I THINK) ... only taken it to ocean once so far! You can notice minor weight distribution changes by how water peels off the nose. Hobie is light: I think mine is actually 24 pounds though spec says it should be 25. Got a really good price on it and even "full retail" isn't too bad...get in touch with Hobie in San Juan Capistrano, CA. They're great! They allowed me a nice long free demo on the board. (PaddleSurfWarehouse/404, SUPATX/L.K., and BlackBox/Tekbox Uno all did a great job regarding demos and teaching me about their boards, paddling better, etc. Cons I guess having the higher Hobie nose profile compared to the BlackBox Uno will cause the Hobie to be harder to point close the the wind. The Hobie is not quite as durable as the LK, I'd say. Usage Twice! Sorry...I'll have to report back later. Flat water harbor and very gentle ocean conditions outside harbor. The Hobie 27.5 (as I recall) tippier than the LK 27.5, about same as (the narrower) blackbox 26.25 Uno, 404 as I recall was very stable...not sure if the 404 was a certain "model" was the PVC construction. I think the Hobie will be fun and challenging in the far as stability goes...pretty stable and easy in flat bay water.
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