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Sirocco Paddle

by Grey Owl Paddles


Grey Owl Sirocco Kayak Wood/Plastic-Resin Touring Paddle.Weight: 1.1kg (about 31 oz.) A tough…

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Grey Owl Sirocco Kayak Wood/Plastic-Resin Touring Paddle.
Weight: 1.1kg (about 31 oz.)

A tough, economical paddle for kayak touring. Made in Canada. Shaft is made of laminated bass and ash, with a 14in. carbon fibre ferrule that feathers left or right at 75 degrees. Blades are constructed of butternut, bass and ash, with plastic tips. They are dihedral-style and asymmetrically spooned. Blade size is 18 x 47cm. (7"X18>5"). Oval shaft for easy blade orientation. Drip rings included.
Available in the following lengths: 220, 230, 240, and 250cm.

This paddle is beautiful to look at, very easy on the arms and shoulders because of its light weight, and finished in a bright resin clearcoat that protects it from the elements.

It sells for about $145 CAD, a real deal at that price. Mine is 220cm and I had thought of maybe getting a longer one but after getting used to it "high paddling", it is all the paddle I need. If anything happened to it, I'd buy another in a heartbeat.