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Great Canadian 16-2 Reviews

by Great Canadian Canoe Co.


I enjoyed mine so much that when it was stolen I bought...

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I enjoyed mine so much that when it was stolen I bought a second one. This is not a particularly fast or maneuverable canoe, but it does have great load capacity and stability. Picture three heavyweight guys, one sitting in a LAWN CHAIR in the middle. That was us fishing.

This was stable enough for class two when loaded with two people and camping gear, light enough to shoulder on the yoke (original equipment) and carry, and a great place to fish. That yoke is a nice piece. When on a group outing it was often the last at the take out, the wide flat bottom which provided excellent primary stability did make it slow. When I was solo paddling I used an eight foot kayak paddle, which helped keep the high sides straight into the wind or on track in the river. In 15 years of paddling it has never dumped, even when my canoeing partner decided to grab some pussy willows from the bank and turned us sideways in a fast narrow stream.

Construction fiberglass, aluminum gunnels, hardwood brace and yoke and balsa reinforce. The repairs have been:

  1. a couple small cracks drilled out to prevent from growing and re-glassed.(Millers River in Massachusetts trip, great time)
  2. one of the yoke attachments broke loose one time, fixed with a couple "L" brackets and nuts and bolts, this was after hundreds of time being carried, perhaps as high as a thousand times. (daily fishing after work)
  3. The seat padding was duck taped in a couple places due to using Coleman stadium style seat backs.
Recommended for fishing, casual family stuff, not recommended for high speed, high adventure or portages over one quarter mile.