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Vector 144 (12FT)

by Future Beach Leisure Products

Completing our high performance Vector™ series, Future Beach offers the avid paddler the 12"™ Vector™ 144. The 144 is the perfect choice for the paddler in search of a little more room with the same standard features as the Vector™124. The Vector™ 144 comes fully equipped with our high performance multi channel hull, sealed bulk head, Deluxe Easy Rider II comfort cushion seat and thigh braces. The longer hull helps you reach and maintain your cruising speed for an exciting day on the water.

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I bought this kayak for paddling the small lakes and rivers near…

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I bought this kayak for paddling the small lakes and rivers near my home. 1st trip down the Clinton River was fine no issues keeping up with friend. It seemed fine on the small lake by my cottage but when I took it to a larger lake to paddle with friends it was very slow & sluggish compared to the boats they were in. Mishapen hull caused small wake from front of kayak and was so noisy I could not hear the other paddlers. The hull under the seating are was becoming more concave as the day went on. I see their new boats have a different hull design with ribbing to eliminate these issues. Future Beech does not answer my e-mails so I seem to be stuck with a very poorly made kayak. I am currently looking for another one and it won't be a Future Beech product!