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I just completed the first trip since installing a Feathercraft rudder kit…

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I just completed the first trip since installing a Feathercraft rudder kit on my Old Town Cayuga 146. This rudder has made a drastic improvement on an already superb kayak. The conditions today were 8 mph winds, on an 8 x 9 mile lake, completely open, no current. Previously I had issues with slight weather-vaning, but that is not the case anymore. The rudder is easy to use, and very sturdy. I have plenty of control on my 14'6" kayak, and no noticeable extra drag (in the up position vs. down position, GPS verified, straight into the wind). A little speed does scrub off when making a turn, but that is to be expected. The extra strokes required for course correction made the overall speed slower with the rudder up.

I purchased this kit from a wooden kayak manufacturing company since it was on sale (considerable price savings) but found that the items included for the wooden boat were all I needed, with the exception of a wooden bridge and plastic rudder stop (thing that keeps the rudder locked straight when stowed). I need something higher for the Cayuga, but everything else was of great quality and fit very well. Overall a great deal considering the drastic price savings. Highly recommended rudder kit. It turned a superb rec kayak into a maneuverable and seaworthy touring boat.

I received my Feathercraft rudder kit for my Tarpon 140 about 6…

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I received my Feathercraft rudder kit for my Tarpon 140 about 6 weeks ago. I was having major problems with my Tarpon "weather cocking" prior to installing the Feathercraft rudder kit. If I encountered any wind, swell, chop, or boat wakes I would sometimes have to make 30+ corrective strokes on a row on the left side just to keep the kayak from doing "doughnuts". It was ridiculous! I was seriously considering selling it!! Then I decided to try the Feathercraft rudder kit. It took a while to get to me, but it was well worth the wait! The kit came complete for the most part except for a couple of stainless steel screws that I had to pick up at the hardware store. No big deal. This rudder made a 1000% difference for the better in the way it allows the Tarpon 140 to handle the wind, chop, swell and boat wakes! It is a dream to paddle now vs a nightmare before! I was surprised at how easy it was for me to install using basic hand tools and a cordless drill and following the directions. It took me a couple of nights after work to complete the installation. It took me about an hour of paddling to get used to the new rudder. After that it was like I had had it on the Tarpon for years! I love that kayak now. I also added a couple of drops of Loctite 262 permeate thread locker to the two 1/4-20 screws that hold the rudder bracket on. The screws are rock solid now and never come loose. I would never consider owning another sit on top kayak without a rudder. My next one (Tarpon 160i) will definitely have one. Most likely a Feathercraft rudder kit. I'm 6' 1" and 250 lbs. I use my Tarpon 140 100 % for fishing in San Diego Bay and the surrounding waters. I highly recommend this rudder. It wakes a world of difference!