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We have several Chica...

We have several Chica PFD's and it's one of my favorites due to the thin foam on the lower back. This thin area is for those who have kayaks with higher seat backs. I/we've never had any trouble with the zippers and as for the clip at the waist, no problem there either. If my boat goes over, it stays on me.

Another feature is the cutout on the inside, upper, front for women or men that may have muscular chests. When we have a group of people to borrow our boats, the ladies always come ask me which are the ones they used before. As with any canoe or kayak they must be fit to each person's physique, paddling style, and including boat dimensions. These are all factor's for comfort while on the water.

Love these Extrasport PFD's.

I've had an Extrasport...

I've had an Extrasport Chica vest for several years now. I bought it for the price and because it's supposed to be comfortable for women. I like that it is comfy for my chest and it's a pretty low-profile vest.

My concerns: The foam is slimmed down in the lower back for kayak seats, but I paddle an open canoe so it's a useless feature for me that just adds bulk to the front. The pocket is nice, but it could have more storage for sure. There is a waist buckle that I have forgotten to snap, so my next PFD is not going to have one. The biggest problem for me is that the zipper tends to unzip while I'm paddling- I think due to that female chest issue. The zipper thing has happened enough that I'm buying a new PFD and passing this one on to someone else.
So if the price is right, just keep an eye on the zipper.