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A Nimble Whitewater Boat That Can also Straight Line Very Well and With Decent Speed

After 2 Knee replacements I had decided to sell my canoes (a 15ft and 17ft Nova Craft Prospector) and get a kayak. I had lots of mileage in both types of crafts but since I could no longer kneel while paddling I thought I would use only kayaks for the rest of my paddling years. It didn't take me but a few months to realize i was a canoeist at heart so I talked my wife into letting me sell the yak and get back into canoes. I was lucky enough to find 2 Royalex Canoes at Rutabaga in Madison, WI. They had a Nova Craft 15ft Prospector and a 14.5ft Esquif Pocket Canyon. I had already owned the Nova Craft but I thought that if the Pocket Canyon could track ok with a good J-stroke then it would be a more versatile boat since its whitewater performance was already well known. I took the Pocket Canyon for a test run and it did everything quite well. I have had it for almost a year now and I love the boat. I paddle it always from the seated position and find it to be plenty fast for a whitewater boat and a very good performer when maneuvering through narrow tricky places. I paddle it mostly solo (sitting in the bow seat with stern seat forward) but it also handles fine when paddling tandem. This boat is a lot of fun even for a 71yo geezer.

I just finished a trip...

I just finished a trip down the John Day River in this new model by Esquif. It is a shorter version of the Canyon and, being a decked boater, I wanted a shorter boat.

The Pocket Canyon is a fine solo tripping boat. It is dry, very maneuverable, and fast. You can easily carry gear for a week or more (if you leave the kitchen sink at home). The boat is set up for tandem paddling, and would do fine in this regard, also. I used flotation, but without this, it would carry gear for two easily.

On the negative side, I found the seats of the Pocket Canyon to be very uncomfortable. Otherwise, it is very well made as is typical for Esquif, and attractive.
Highly recommended.