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Glide Sport Reviews

by Emotion Kayaks, Inc.


I purchased an Emotion Glide Sport. It was a pre-owned...

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I purchased an Emotion Glide Sport. It was a pre-owned purchase. Here are some positive things about the kayak. It is designed for lakes or class 1 rivers. A heavier person can fit comfortably in it because the cockpit is large. It has room in the hull to store a drybag. It has a keel which means that it tracks well on a lake or class 1 river and it is easy to maneuver. It is comfortable, stable for a kayak and light weight. It has a water release plug that is helpful in emptying the kayak of enough water to turn it over so the water can flush through the cockpit. A nylon reinforced spay skirt is available.

Here are the negatives.
A) it does not have a deck hatch for storage,
B) Because of the cockpit's larger size, I could not find a neoprene spray skirt to fit it.
C) The bow of the kayak will drive below the water line in standing waves and shoots of class 2 rivers; water floods over the kayak and if the nylon spray skirt holds, you end up with a heavy pool of water in your lap or worse. I imagine on a lake in heavy rain the same thing would occur :-)

The kayak is not designed to roll, so if you flip, then ejection is the only alternative. If you decide that your river choices are technical class 2 rivers or above, it makes more sense to use a kayak specifically designed for white water. For my purpose, my weight, the class of river I have selected and my health conditions, it was worth the dollars I spent on it.

There is not much I dislike about my Emotion Glide...

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There is not much I dislike about my Emotion Glide Sport. This is my first sit inside, so I can only compare it to my Ocean Kayak Scrambler. First, at 9'8" and 40lbs it is much easier to move around than my Scrambler. It fits easy in a short bed truck or small trailer. It is not as stable as my OK, but not as bad as I had expected for a sit inside. The seat is nice, but the OK has a nice seat with more adjustment. The glide after a paddle stroke is much longer and it does not take as much effort to get moving or stopping.

I practiced leaning in it and found I could control it with a low or high brace stroke. It move easy with a draw stoke and takes small waves with the bow into them. I have not take a large wave on the side yet I hope it will do well.

So far after 30 days and 4 trips I am happy with it for the price I paid for it. After I get more time in it I will add more to this post.

a stable kayak that tracks well and turns nicely. It has...

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a stable kayak that tracks well and turns nicely. It has a lot of room for a larger person and can handle a heavier person. No compartments, but room in back for storage. Light weight, comfortable seat. All around good kayak.