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The Adios

by Diablo Paddlesports

Diablo Paddlesports™ proudly introduces, The Adios. A new model mix between a kayak and a stand-up paddleboard, The Adios combines the best characteristics of both. Some unique features include a wider body for easier balance and greater stability whether sitting or standing. Also includes a custom designed pull-up leash for easier standing, a larger cockpit than traditional kayaks and plenty of added room. The tri-hull and wider design make this model a true “one-of–a-kind” on the water. Perfect for paddling or stand-up fishing on rivers, lakes, streams or open bodies of water.

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They say theres not one yak that will do it all, but…

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They say theres not one yak that will do it all, but this one is real close! Probably because its really a yak/Sup hybrid.

Boat like stability. Weight to mass ratio is good. The low profile stays put in the wind and is controlable. The most comfortable roomy standing platform i have tried of all yaks. Tracks and moves well for its width. Thermoform ABS is easily repairable even in the field.

Wet ride in the rough seas due to low profile but still very seaworthy. The super shine has nowhere to go but dull and scratchy( not a problem of course)
Pure fishing machine in all conditions even swift moving water wich its design is partial too. I personaly have not tried it in rivers, but looking forward to.