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by Deluge
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I bought a Deluge...

I bought a Deluge Canoe/Kayak cart and use it frequently. I can pile up more than one boat and pull it easily. I recommend that you tie the boat to the top as the boat will slip and fall off or become uncentered if not on tight. The biggest problem I have had with it is that it is very bulky and won't fit in my kayak. The second biggest is changing tires. The tires are soft rubber and sidewalls will fall partially apart if you use them without proper air. Also the tubes are cheaply made and valves will become unglued where they connect to the tire. Changing tires are not easy. Getting tubes are not as hard to get as tires. And the harder commerical tires are expensive and have much harder rubber making them difficult to put on.

This is the toughest canoe...

This is the toughest canoe cart you'll find that weighs only 7 lbs. Very well made too. Hauled a 70 lb canoe plus gear over very rough roads/trails with out problems. Rated to carry 220 lbs and I bet it could. Cost about $110 US.