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I have had my Delta Kayaks...

I have had my Delta Kayaks 17ft Expedition for just about a year. In that time I have paddled many miles on Lake Amistad in Texas and the length of the Missouri River. I bought the kayak specifically for the Missouri trip. The boat performed flawlessly. This kayak was very stable in the rough conditions on the lakes and was comfortable enough that I could (and did) stay sitting in her for 10-11 hours on end every day for weeks.

I paddled for 77 days and by the end I had experienced 3 problems if you can call them that. The first was that the stitching on the front hatch cover came undone so that the elastic lost its tension. Delta Kayaks sent me a replacement with no hesitation. Secondly, a small crack has appeared in the top of the seat back. Do not know how this happened and it did not affect my comfort or back support. Thirdly and most annoyingly, the strip of trim that goes around the cockpit and covers the sharp edge has come unstuck. I will have to remove it, clean all the river dirt out and re-glue it back in place. There was plenty of room for almost all my gear apart from a sail and the C-Tug.

I recommend this kayak to anyone wanting to do a long trip with rough open water as well as long river stretches. It is a fast boat too.

I have had the Delta 17...

I have had the Delta 17 Expedition for a year now, and it is a fine thermoform plastic kayak. It is easy to paddle, has good initial stability, and very good secondary. It is fast and maneuverable. Only complaint I have is the seat could use a bit more padding, and the decals leave a bit to be desired (pretty petty complaint to be honest). Back to the seat, it is comfortable, but maybe my Necky with it's extrasport seat has spoiled me somewhat...

Had to order my Delta 17...

Had to order my Delta 17 directly from the manufacturers as there are no dealers near my location. That said they were very helpful. The boat handles well and has good stability. Plenty of room for all sorts of gear. A day hatch would have been nice. The hatches consist of a neoprene cover with a hard top that is held in place by bungy cord. The neoprene covers can be a pain to stretch out to fit the hatch opening.

Paddled a rental recently...

Paddled a rental recently at Crystal River Kayak. I don't see many Delta's in my area so I was interested in paddling one. The boat has hard chines that seem to maximize it's 22.5" beam. Fit and finish of the boat was quite nice and the thermoformed plastic deck and hull looked really nice despite being a rental/demo boat. I wasn't knocked out about the skeg control rope.

The boat edged quite well to allow good maneuverability and the flat bottom made the boat a great day tourer in that it had plenty of initial stability. Very reassuring. Seat was also quite comfortable, more so than my P&H. Another rope cleat arrangement adjusts the back rest and it worked very well.

Speed was good to better than average....I was able to maintain around 4mph with little effort. I picked the boat up and put it back on the rack after paddling it....wish my poly Scorpio was that light.

The boat badly needs a day hatch. Probably the only negative thing about the boat. Really Delta?? No day hatch on a seventeen foot boat??

I like a deeper boat, and the deck is more accommodating than the specs would have you believe. FWIW, I'm six foot tall and about 205 lbs. This boat had plenty of room for me and probably more. Great boat to visit the manatees with