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Glide Hybrid Plus Kayak Paddle

by Bending Branches


This is my first quality paddle so I don't have a lot…

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This is my first quality paddle so I don't have a lot of experience to compare it against. This paddle has a ferrule that adjusts for feather and also has 15cm's of length adjustment. The one I bought adjusts from 225cm to 240cm. This allows me to use the paddle at 240cms and then adjust it down when my wife or daughter use it. It's noticeably lighter than my Carlisle Daytripper.

Has a nice texture that helped to keep a secure grip, even in the pouring down rain. I gave it an 8 b/c it doesn't move as much water as I thought it would. If I could I'd send it back and get the Slice for a little more power. Also, the adjustment procedure takes some getting used to, and it came loose 2 or 3 times on our 23 mile river trip. This could be due to the fact that it was my first time using it. Time will tell.

Overall I'm happy with this paddle and my wife will probably end up with it when I upgrade. The length adjust-ability is worth the extra price.