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Assault Fishing Hand Paddle

by Backwater Paddle Company

The ASSAULT Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle allows you the opportunity to fish, photograph or hunt while moving your boat simultaneously! You DO NOT have to put your fishing rod or camera down and break out a seven foot paddle to move your boat a few yards to stalk your prey. Simply placing the ASSAULT Hand Paddle between your legs, or within easy reach, provides immediate access to a simple propulsion mode. You will never have to let loose of your fishing rod, camera, hunting gear or lose sight of moving prey. A few stealthy strokes from the ASSAULT and you are back on target.

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I have a 275cm paddle with my NuCanoe, and when I fish…

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I have a 275cm paddle with my NuCanoe, and when I fish, I generally put it in a paddle holder on the side of the boat. That's when I break out my little assault hand paddle for steering, turning, and returning to position.

It's small, sturdy, easy to use, and does it's job as a lightweight alternative to a big paddle when I'm fishing and want to stay in one spot. It's also a great back up paddle if I somehow drop my regular paddle... (I haven't done it since I bought this, but one of the reasons I bought it was because I DID drop my paddle and had to get a friend to retrieve it as it floated away).

Good mixture of performance and price.

This paddle is a must have for kayak fishing! It works very…

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This paddle is a must have for kayak fishing! It works very well for moving just a few feet or positioning yourself right on a dropoff. When it's windy and you want to face the right direction this paddle fits the bill for that. The hook is also handy because it can help you grab onto things like docks. I also use it to push off whatever because I don't have to worry about it breaking.

The other advantage to this paddle is if you get snagged you can just use this little guy to paddle over there and not have to mess with a big paddle while holding your pole and pulling on it the same time as you are paddling. Also once you get over there, you can just tug on the line to free it with the hook.

This paddle has a great design, and is very useful! I think you should check it out. Anything that can making fishing more enjoyable is a win win situation for me.