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  • $ 199 MSRP

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For almost effortless...

For almost effortless touring, the new Accent "Air" deserves consideration as a top choice for professional paddlers, new paddlers, young paddlers, old: for everyone who wants a light, sophisticated carbon fibre paddle that, at 24 ounces (680 grams), lays claim to being the lightest low-angle paddle in existence (although a rival company claims something similar but charges twice the price: $400 vs. $199 for the two-piece straight shaft). In addition to its other virtues, the new "Air" has a wonderful Kingpin feathering system that is durable and so easy to use that I have seen a nine-year-old work its fifteen-degree incremental settings and feathering angles in a demonstration of simplicity itself. The Kingpin system is so remarkable that it should encourage anyone to try feathering a paddle against the wind, even in the harshest conditions when quick and easy changes can be all-important.

The strong all-polymer blade (which I prefer, for strength, to foam core blades) has a complex double dihedral asymmetrical design, but its area is smaller than larger high-angle blades. The "Air" supports a quicker "beat" and thus feels very much like a Greenland paddle but with greater thrust. Against a 25-knot steady wind and whitecaps, I compared the new "Air" against my favourite high-angle 34-ounce carbon fibre paddle (964 grams) that I habitually use out at sea. After nearly an hour of battling the elements, I was grateful for the lightness and efficiency of the "Air," which saved me over a hundred pounds of effort.

As a touring paddle, the Accent "Air" sets a new standard for its almost unnoticeable swing weight, smooth action in the water, and instant feathering options, thanks to its Kingpin system. In addition to its other state-of-the-art features, its attractive list price justifies a "10" rating.

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