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10'0" Minisport Reviews

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  • 10' Length
  • 29" Width
  • $ 1,299.99 From

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This board rocks! I would...

This board rocks! I would love to share a day with a friend to show them why they need to pick u on this sport!I have been killing for years riding my boards on the ocean and the river! My board is like a ROCKET! Pros Light and awesome! Cons None Usage execise

This is my first SUP...

This is my first SUP although I have tried several different boards. I was looking for a board that I could do quick lunchtime workouts with as well as longer leisurely excursions. The Minisport is a great starter board and a good fit for me. Pros This board is super light (22 lbs)and easy to transport. It is fast, tracks and maneuvers well in the water - even on windy days. The Sea Anchor options that I have with Pau Hana are awesome. The Minisport has a great look and I get compliments almost every time I am out with it. Cons Not a good board for larger riders. I am 125 lbs and love it but my 180 lb husband has a hard time stabilizing. Usage I am currently using the Minisport for exercise and touring but would like to eventually race.

My boys who are 13 and 15...

My boys who are 13 and 15 and myself tried the mini sport and they loved it. They said it was easy to turn and handle easier than an all all around board. They are now saving up their money for a mini sport. We run mostly on lakes and rivers. It cut through right through the waves real nice. Pros Easy to handle and maneuver in the water. Cons Not as stable as longer touring board Usage Exercise and touring lakes

I work at an outdoors shop...

I work at an outdoors shop where we sell all sorts of kayaks, canoes, and multiple Pau Hana boards. I personally love the Mini Sport. It is amazingly easy to hop on as a beginner while still having the speed and maneuverability of a smaller board. I always reccomend this board to people when they come in. Pros I love that it is easy for beginners while still having the speed and maneuverability of a smaller board. Cons I wish it came in more colors! Usage I use it on the Chain of Lakes in Wisconsin to excersise while exploring the beautiful scenery and catching some sun.

Board is super light but...

Board is super light but still stable enough for a moderate SUP paddler, with its 6-inch thick body. The grip and light weight - only 22 pounds! - makes it easy to grab and carry. Gorgeous colors that makes you feel like a surf queen whether you are in the San Francisco Bay or Lake Tahoe. Displacement hull gives the board speed. Pros light weight, beautiful design, smooth foot pad that keeps my feet happy, stable but challenging ride. Cons white color for foot pad means that it will probably look a bit shabby after awhile. Would prefer a dark brown or black, but love the smooth surface Usage Exercise, touring in the San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe
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