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West Thompson Lake in Connecticut

Trip Overview

As we entered this lake/area it is breath taking and large body of water, thanks to Army Corp of Engineers. A very nice boat launch area, with porta potty and picnic tables. The water in the lake was a bit choppy, however if you stayed to the sides you were fine.

The scenic views were pretty, however going thru some of the inlets were breathtaking - the simple beauty of a turtle sun bathing on a log, the bird life - just the overall peace and quiet. There are hiking & biking trails, we saw some hikers and a few other kayaks.

For a Sunday it was not busy at all - the simple beauty of the river the meanders away from the lake make this a truly worth while trip. We were there for a minimum of 5 hours - it was well worth it. However a storm was brewing so coming back across the wide lake was somewhat difficult - small white caps and choppy.

Regardless of the water conditions - it is worth every minute of the day to visit here. Enjoy the simple beauty of the wildlife -- bring a lunch because this can turn into a long quiet venture.


Did not have to pay to use boat launch


Boat launch is easy to find, nice landscaped. There are picnic tables and porta potty at boat launch. This is a large park with hiking and biking trails. There is a camping area associated with the lake.


"Quiet Water Mass., Connecticut, and Rhode Island"
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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