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Village Creek / Larsen Sandyland Sanctuary in Texas

Trip Overview

We all gathered the night of 8 Feb 07 for a TKF Golden Triangle Chapter meeting. Subject was Outdoor Photography. Lecturers included Joe and John -- Joe being a professor at Sam Houston University in Houston and John who has a photography business in Beaumont, TX.

Joe had prepared quite well with the rental of the public pavillion and setting up the Power Point presentation of the photos from fellow TKF members for viewing and critique. I was first in line as I had submitted some photos from the area which also included my hiking adventures to Turkey Creek Trail. Joe discussed the good and the bad. After all it was a learning experience.

We had a member bring and cook some really good deer sausage to add to the ambience. I was about 9:00 local when meeting was over and we all retired to one of the campsites. The campfire was blazing and the stories were flowing. Never hurts to share stories of the past, or thoughts of the future over a couple of beers at a campfire. At midnight we decided lights out as 8am assembly at the pickup area was rapidly approaching.

Next morning, it was about 38 deg and cloudy. All of the campers had decided to pack up, so when we returned from the float trip we could be on our way. John, with Coastal Paddlers, was in the parking area loading boats as we finished. We all loaded into 3 vehicles for the trip to Village Creek at State Hwy 327 Bridge launch point.

We got to the launch point about 9:00 and off loaded all of the kayaks at the ramp. By 9:23 we were all ready to launch. I was one of the last so that I could capture some of the event in pictures. Starting down stream initially we were just floating. As time went on, and all were kind of warming up, downstream we went. Creek was running at about 2 mph without paddling. Overall with the stops to fish, snack and eat lunch we averaged about 2 mph.

Most of the trip from the Hwy 327 bridge to the sandbar where we ate lunch had very few fishing opportunities. There were some interesting areas of bank where the creek had carved into the banks during flood stage.

Lunch on the sandbar was un-eventful, but relaxing. By the time we got there my feet were very cold and taking my shoes and socks off in 46 deg temps made them feel better. I think I got them damp at launch and it was downhill from there.

Anyway, food was ate; pictures were taken; and we were off again. Some of the most avid fishermen paddled back upstream in a cut that flowed off of the main creek. They thought that they might have a better chance of catching fish in the shallower water.

As we continued downstream there were many chances to take pictures of the creek area(s) in the month of Feb. We even found a pair of Green Head Mallards feeding along the bank in one area. Passing under the Hwy 96 bridge was uneventful and we had contact with some on the shore in this area who asked, "Are we having fun?" You are damn right skippy, we are having fun! Any day on the water is better than one on the bank.

A few more miles down the creek and we arrived at Village Creek State Park. Our pickup point. We all got out and I drove the drivers of vehicles back to launch point to retrieve their trucks and cars. Overall we made about 2mph average. The creek did have some logs in it, but they were easily passable.

I recommend this trip to anyone wishing to spend a day on the water. Oh -- and by the way, dress warm with layers for a trip in February.


There are many commercial hotels avaiable in area.

Village Creek State Park is close by for campers.


Village Creek State Park charges an entrance fee and a camping fee.


From Texas State Hwy 96. Drive about 6 miles to Hwy 327 and Village Creek Bridge.


I used National Geographic TOPO for the map of the area

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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