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South Chickamauga Creek in Tennessee

by  eebemt

A self-supported trip created by eebemt

Trip Overview

This was a mid-day paddle, about 3 hours. The put-in is below the old bridge, right beside the new bridge on Graysville Rd, in the East Brainerd section of Chattanooga, TN. A railroad also crosses at this point.

To put in under the bridge you can either go upstream, which is the way I went, or downstream. There is a low head dam immediately downstream that has a portage point to the bottom of the falls. This would take you to the Camp Jordan area and beyond.

I went upstream for about 3 miles. In places the water is swift (I was paddling against the current), having to either paddle very hard to get through the riffle or get out and pull my kayak through (don't bring your good kayak, there are shallows). I paddled for two hours into the current and through the riffles and then turned around and made it back in about an hour.

This is a clean looking part of the creek, some farmland on each side and the fishing would probably be good if you stopped in a slow moving section or tied off to something.

There are strainers and narrow rapids. It's worth a quick trip. This will be a nice place to paddle in the fall.

I wish fishermen and other users would pick up after themselves. If you paddle here (or anywhere) see if you can pay it forward by picking up after someone else.


The bank of the creek is what you have, there is a shallow ramp for a trailer but it is rough.


No, but try to adhere to the private property signs. If you paddle downstream you will come to a portage point that will take you past the dam.


East Brainerd Rd (State Route 320) east to Graysville Rd, turn right and go about 2 miles into Georgia, turning right across the railroad tracks, and turn right after the tracks, into the parking area.


Google Earth.

Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

Trip Location