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North Chickamauga Creek in Tennessee

Trip Overview

This trip was on a late Spring day in May. I just wanted to get in and out quickly to do a little paddling and fishing and be back by early afternoon.

The biggest topic that has changed since my last paddling trip on the North Chickamauga Creek involves the access. Up until now I have accessed this creek by paddling from the east side of the Tennessee River to the west side of the Tennessee River to the creek's confluence.

This access has changed dramatically with the continuing construction of the locks in this area just below the Chickamauga Dam. Because of the added pillars and following cofferdam the currents, boils, and edys have about become unmanageable. Recently a fellow paddler mentioned being turned around 360 degrees while paddling through this area.

The best way to access the North Chickamauga Creek is now to drive to the Greenway Farms, on Hamill Rd in Hixson. Having done that, you can put in from a floating dock or creek bank.

The remainder of the day was one of paddling upstream about 2 to 3 miles and lazily floating down to fish some places that are usually productive. I have the best luck along some of the rock walls. There are some big "red eyes", blue gill that put up a great fight. I never keep any and I didn't keep any this time either. Catch and release is all that I ever do. I caught a small smallmouth bass - probably 1-2 lbs also. Lunch was eaten on the creek bank rock ledge among the songbirds and bugs.

As usual this was a relaxing trip.






Highway 153 to Hamill Rd, travel to Greenway Farm on the right just past the creek bridge and before the church. There is a sign with a landscaping planter around it.

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

Locations on this Trip