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Magdalena Bay Wildlife (10-Day)

Trip Overview

$2,390.00 /person

Magdalena Bay is the meeting place of two significant ocean currents. This vortex creates a massive upwelling of nutrients, which supports astonishing biodiversity. From breaching grey whales to breeding frigate birds, the scope of this trip is tremendous. Explore by kayak, panga, and foot. Enjoy the depth of expertise at your disposal from lifelong local fisherman and guide Marcos Simental and photographer (and comedian) Neil Schulman.

Waterfront hotel the first night in San Carlos, then camp out on the islands for 8 nights, giving opportunity for low-light photography, sunsets, and the spectacle of sunrise as long trains of cormorants and pelicans take flight from the sand bar. Alternate travel days with layover days to make the most of each site, from mangrove mazes to nature-perfect dunes, to a cultural visit to an islands visiting village, to panoramic vistas from hilltops. Fresh local seafood is a highlight of the trip. 

Motor to the south end of the estuary to watch the gray whales and enjoy an entertaining colony of frigate birds who will be finding their mates. Mag Bay is a winter haven for migratory birds as well. Bring them close with our powerful Vortex spotting scope. Motorboat support will enable you to bring larger photographic equipment if desired.

  • Departure Months: January
  • Duration: Extended Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Photography
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Open Water/Ocean, Rock Gardens, Surf
  • Services Available:
    • Guided
  • Accommodations:
    • Basecamp
    • Camping
    • Lodge/Cabin
  • Group Rates: No

SKBM features professional-quality equipment! Their kayaks are single, British-style kayaks with skegs, such as the NDK Explorer, Romany, and Pilgrim Expedition. Seda doubles are available upon request. Expedition paddles are mostly carbon Werners between 205 & 215cm or Don Beale Greenland paddles. Kokatat & NRS life jackets. Seals and Snapdragon skirts.  SKBM is the only Nigel Dennis Expedition Centre in Mexico! This means we have excellent equipment and equally excellent safety standards.

As a whole, the group will try to get off the water before whitecaps become pervasive (12 knots of wind), and before the seas build over 3'. There are layover days at 2 amazing play spots, a tide race with rocky coastline and ocean swells, and a surfy sand bar. After all, the photographers need exciting action to photograph!

Locations on this Trip