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Lake Ripple/Quinsigamond River in Massachusetts

by  cettis

A self-supported trip created by cettis

Trip Overview

Entered at Lake Ripple. The parking lot/put-in is on a small access road of Brigham Hill Rd behind a school. This "lake" is more of a slightly murky pond. It has swans, ducks, great blue herons, and a ridiculous amount of geese. It connects to small brook in the northeast corner that's not really paddle-able after 100 yards but you can dock at the liquor store here if you need a snack or some water!

In the northwest corner the lake connects to a section of the Quinsigamond river, which is very easy to paddle upstream. You'll go see houses and hear cars as you go under bridges at first but after the big tunnel under the highway there is a nice secluded section away from urbanization. The trip ends at a mill, but my friend and I were stubborn enough to portage up two beaver dams into the brook area next to the mill because the brook looked like it connected to another small pond. It did connect (almost, short portage at the end), but it was a mess not likely worth the trouble. A nearly impassable maze of plants where even if you find the thin "passageway" you still are pushing your kayak against the shallow ground/plant roots instead of rowing. Once we got back to the river we just paddled back down to the truck in the Lake Ripple parking lot.


Dirt Lot, no facilities or accommodations except a trash can.




Brigham Hill Road is off of Rt. 122 (Providence Rd.) at the corner of the police station near Grafton High School. The access road is a small dirt road a quarter mile up on your right that's easy to miss with the trees growing over the old worn signs.

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Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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