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Lake Mead National Park in Nevada

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

I have done a lot of hiking in Red Rock Canyon when I have gone to Las Vegas. But, I wanted to do something more. I started to look up other outdoor activities in Las Vegas and took an amazing tour with Evolution Expeditions Kayaking.

Evolution Expeditions Kayaking offers a day long journey that includes a three-mile hike, a relaxing soak in natural hot springs, then an eight-mile kayaking trip down the Colorado River.

At 6 a.m. on the dot, I meet the tour guide and two other aspiring adventurers in the lobby of Red Rock Casino. Almost exactly an hour later, we drive over the narrow bridge on Hoover Dam and continue up the winding roads through the Arizona hills. Our guide pulls off the main road and we stop alongside other cars at the head of a hiking trail. Initially, the trail is flat and straight and the early morning sun beams on the mountains stretching ahead of us. Soon the trek begins following the path of a washed-up creek, the sand and small pebbles adding resistance as we walk. The guide explains that we are hiking through a slot canyon, and the massive rock walls will become narrower and smoother, molded by thousands of years of rushing water.

High up on the cliff, a small herd of bighorn sheep trample up a precariously steep trail. We do some rock climbing of our own, scrambling up boulders and hiking up over the rugged terrain as we made our way to the natural hot springs. Hot springs is by no means a misnomer geothermal activity keeps the springs piping like an all-natural Jacuzzi. And as I soak in the hot water and listen to the flowing falls, I feel my muscles relax and my tension dissipate.

After the other hikers and I trek down to a nearby beach, Another guide boats in, bringing kayaks, safety gear and a picnic lunch.

Apparently, the beach is a popular spot for hikers, kayakers and campers alike, as quiet campers sit outside their tents, and kayakers pull in to rest and use the nearby outhouses. I grab a turkey and cheese sandwich from the cooler, along with a bottle of water and fruit snacks, and perch on a boulder overlooking the river as I eat my lunch.

The first thing I notice out on the water is the incredibly refreshing, vibrant smell of clean air. As I paddle along on the river, making my way through canyons and marveling at the robins egg blue sky, I notice the upper-body workout I was getting. At about the four-mile mark, my arms start to tire, so I pull up my paddle, sit back in my kayak, and coast downriver as I snack on some trail mix. Throughout the day, the theme seems to be whatever you feel comfortable with. If youre tired, take a rest. If youre hungry, have a snack. Even though the trip is challenging, just like going to the gym, the challenge comes from within.

I feel so exhilarated for completing the journey. As we head back to the modern comforts of the hotel, I couldnt help but shut my eyes and rest, reveling in the gratifying soreness of a challenging workout and a newfound interest in the surrounding mountains.

So if you want to do something besides going to the casinos and do something healthy, fun, and adventurous, doing the Anasazi Kayaking trip with Evolution Expedition is the trip to go on!!! You will get hiking, kayaking, and all that you need to do is show up, Evolution Expeditions will take care of the rest. Their number is 702-259-5292, and there web site is Just Google their name and all the information pops up.

This will be the highlight of your stay in Las Vegas


Prijon Kayak


I stayed at a local Las Vegas hotel, I called Evolution Expeditions Kayaking; they picked me up and took me back to my hotel.

Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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