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Lake Aldred Susquehanna in Pennsylvania

Trip Overview

This was a combined Brandywine Valley Ski Club and Penn Kayaker club paddle and when we arrived in Pequea just before 10 am there were already 11 paddlers there with 8 kayaks (3 doubles): Cheryl Sterling, Bob Keen, Jean Stuart, Ken Engan, Rich LeMay, Jackie Coats, Liz and Ian Plane and the rest from the Penn Kayakers group.

We soon had the introductions done and were ready to get on the water. I had the GPS coordinates for the petroglyphs but, (trying to help) one of the local powerboaters said we should go across the lake and paddle down stream to find then even though the GPS was pointing us upstream so we took off over the lake and behind the island there.

On the way over we were surprised to see some deck chairs and an umbrella staking a position on the beach on the island even though there was no one else in sight. (We would later find out why they were there!!)

As we approached the far bank we noticed naked girls all along the bank. No, not really, but we did see a bald eagle adult and juvenile perched on a branch in front of their nest and that was nice to see. Actually on the road down to Pequea we did pass a real nudist camp and they even had a sign warning of a "Nudist Crossing"!

We decided not to go downstream as that was with the wind and the current and the GPS was pointing upstream; always trust the GPS (see coord. below)!

We gently paddled upstream towards Safe Harbor Dam and in amongst the islands just below the dam. We did not go too close as a siren was sounding every few minutes warning (we assumed) of some release. We found a nice beach on the lee side of an island and, ignoring the siren (except for the occasional tidal wave joke) we beached our yaks and all took a swim before lunch.

The tidal wave never came and, after lunch, we paddled over to the petroglyph rocks which were interesting but a little underwhelming!!

Paddling home was easy and some of us decided that another swim would help the heat so we paddled back to the end of the island where we had seen the chairs and umbrella staking out a position. We were amazed to find that now (2pm) the beach was covered with folks picnicking and about 25 power boats parked double deep off the beach.

They were very friendly and simply asked that we not make a wake :-} as we pulled into a gap between them for our swim before paddling back to Pequea boat ramp to take out.

It turned out to be an interesting paddle with good company and just right for a very hot day. I think it was enjoyed by all.


Public boat ramp (free) with porta potties.


Take River Hill Rd all the way into Pequea (pronounced Peckway -- SW of Lancaster, PA) to the boat ramp


GPS coordinates for the Indian Rocks are N39 54 966 W 076 22 972.
Little Indian Rock is a relatively small rock with lots of petroglyphs and a small bush growing on it.
Big Indian Rock is downstream of Little Indian Rock by about 100 yds. Big Indian rock is a large rounded rock and has some petroglyphs on it.

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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