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Jean Lafitte Preserve in Louisiana

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

Twin Canals in Jean Lafitte Park
One of my coolest places to sea kayak while living in New Orleans, ("Pre-Katrina") was Twin Canals on the West Bank. I used to paddle days and nights over there but "Night Paddling" was the most fun (or craziest as my wife at the time would call it).

Lots of gator, beaver, alligator gar, egret, heron, etc etc.

One thing I liked about the night was that during the Winter, Fall, and Spring months one did not need a flashlight... the City of New Orleans illuminated the entire swamp. The sounds in the swamp at night were unbelievable, all you had to do was just close your eyes and listen. I would see silhouettes of deer, feel bumps against the kayak, or have a splash within reaching distance from time to time. Nothing like it... heart stopping moments... lol

I would go out through Twin Canals into Kenta Canal and then take a quick right onto Tar Paper Canal. This canal would take you all the way out into Lake Salvadore. About a 14 mile round tripper. Bunches of small canals and bayous to get into if you are looking to hear or see a lot of wildlife......make sure you bring a GPS...I took many wrong turns before purchasing mine.....Good Luck

I did bring a flashlight when night paddling for the put-ins and take-outs, you never knew when something big and long would be laying across the ramp.


Gravel Parking Lot, Pier for fishing at the ramp.


No Fee or Permits


Take Hwy 45 (Barataria Blvd.) out of Marrero, LA and head south. About 6-7 miles you will enter the Jean Lafitte Park. Twin Canals will be on the right once you enter the Park.


Jean Lafitte Park


Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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