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Green's Bayou in Texas

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

Greens Bayou is an easy trip for beginners and others alike. We set off from Greens Bayou Park located on Westmont Drive just off the East Freeway near Uvalde Road. This is a city park with BBQ pits, swings but not much else. A natural ditch splits the park and the left/bare side has a small launch.

The ride up the bayou was spectacular with all the wild life you could want. From birds to alligators to turtles and even deer, it is all there. Watch for baby alligators! We saw 5 one trip but never did find mamma. Stay well clear of babies or have a boat that won't turn over.

We cheated and used a small motor and went up stream past US 90 and up to where it splits into Halls Bayou. We saw markings on trees, evidence of beavers, once we passed US 90. This is a must travel trip for day or even camp somewhere along the banks. If you gent impatient, you can always call someone to pick you up at some of the roads that cross the bayou. At one point there was a chain across the drive to prevent vehicles from driving into the park. In any event, you can carry the canoe 100 feet to the launch. September, there are canoe races at this park. Enjoy!

SIDE TRIP est 1/4 mile up stream from Westmont Park is the entrance to Jordans Gully on the right. 100 feet off the main bayou it is wide and flat and full of fish, wildlife, etc. Paddle through the next 100 yards and the creek deepens to est 4 feet and is est 6 - 10 feet wide at best. There was a 3 ft alligator living there the last time I was there. Leave him alone and he will do the same. We paddled within 3 feet of him and he did not move until we were well past. Alas, this deeper part of the creek and thick woods only last for another two hundred yards or so, but is worth seeing.


City of Houston Park = FREE!


East Freeway, east bound, exit Uvalde and U-Turn. Stay on service road down near the Hospital. Street beside Hospital is Westmont drive. Turn right on Westmont and look for park est 1/3 mile on left. (East fwy west bound, Westmont has it's own exit. Get in right lane and turn.


Key Map of Harris County is useful to know what streets you are crossing under

Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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