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Great Salt Marshes at Long Beach in Connecticut

Trip Overview

A gorgeous, brilliantly sunny day with no one else out on the water except a half dozen young guys riding their boogie boards propelled along by giant windsails in the sky.

Although small aircraft are coming and going at nearby Sikorsky Airport, the salt marshes are a quiet place and good for a few hours of exploring. Make a point to go at high tide to gain greater access to the many little inlets.


Long narrow parking lot. Park at the end for the shortest haul with the kayak to the water. On the left is the sandy beach where most visitors will be going. On your right are the tidal marshes where we went.
There were 2 port-o-Johnnies that someone tipped over. Hopefully they'll be upright when you go.


Last September when I was here, we had to pay $10 to get beach access.
This time, on a summer Saturday, no one staffed the little gatehouse and we got in for free.


Directions: I-95 North to Exit 30, Lordship Blvd., Stratford. Turn right on Lordship Blvd. At 1st stop sign, turn right. Pass Sikorsky Airport. Follow road, which ends at Long Beach, a long and narrow barrier beach.
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Open Water/Ocean
  • Group Rates: No

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