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Gifford Pinchot Lake, Central PA

Trip Overview

Evening Paddle on a very glassy Lake Gifford Pinchot. The scenery is beautiful and the water is very warm. Water however is cloudy and not good for visibility. Not too many people using the lake. I think I was the only paddle boarder in sight. There were a few boats with fisherman and a couple kayaks. I Had a great time as the sun was setting over the Pennsylvania Skyline. Easy access to the water and parking was very close to the shore
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Stand Up Paddling
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Number of Portages: 1
  • Portage Description: From parking lot to Shore was about 20 ft. very easy to put in the water
Water warm but cloudy
Paddle board, paddle, leash, PFD,
Gassy surface

Locations on this Trip