Colorado River Rafting through Cataract Canyon

by  OARS

$1,549.00 / person

Trip Overview

Much of America’s desert southwest is defined by one river: the Colorado. Born of snow pack high in the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River surges its way south and west into the state of Utah, its rock-shaping power among the defining characteristics of spectacular Canyonlands National Park. OARS will take you on a multi-day guided rafting tour down the river which includes hiking, swimming, whitewater thrills, and catered camping.

The river is mostly undammed above Cataract Canyon; thus, varying water levels at different times of the year provide a whitewater experience for everyone. During May and June which is generally high-water season, whitewater enthusiasts delight in the huge waves and the famous “Big Drops,” which at times can make even Grand Canyon’s Lava and Crystal Rapids seem tame. Outside of high-water, it is a great family-friendly run, with less intimidating rapids suitable for most ages and levels of experience.

Trip Location