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Step out of your busy world and into the exciting waters of the Big Salmon River for an exhilarating paddle under the midnight sun. Snow capped mountains surround you as your canoe glides through the pristine water. Starting at Quiet Lake in the beautiful South Canol region of the Yukon, you will admire the vast wilderness surrounding you which is home to Moose, Bear, Fox, Marten, Beaver, and many other animals known to the Yukon . The trip begins as we paddle through small lakes such as the Quiet, Sandy and Big Salmon before we reach Big Salmon River proper. A favorite past time after a day of paddling is casting your hook for “the big catch” of Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, and in August, Chinook Salmon. This river offers great challenges for the intermediate paddler in the form of log jams, sweepers, tight corners and large standing waves. The current is moderate but offers many surprises as it twists and turns northwest towards the Yukon River. 

  • Sport/Activity: Canoeing

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