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Baja California, Mexico in California

Trip Overview

Bonnie & I left San Diego with 3 other couples in 2 small planes early Sunday morning doing a flight-see trip(low altitude, seeing fantastic scenery, whales, and delivering a newspaper out the window to a group of surfers that were friends of the pilot)into Baja.

Arriving, we took 2 mini vans into the desert, through a salt mine, and to a lagoon filled, and I mean filled, with whales and calves. We went out in small boats among them. Petting 50' whales is like nothing you've ever experienced. They love affection, and you do not feel intrusive on them at all, they come to you. We experienced 2 days of this, staying in a small town nearby, in a wonderful B&B. Then, we flew across the baja to the Isle of Cortez.

Kayaking here was unbelievable. Clear waters, and blue sky, mountains and deserts, no cell phone service, and great people. It doesn't get any better. Fishing "baja style" means if you don't catch anything within 2 minutes, move. Bonnie and I always caught more than was edible within a half an hour each morning, and the wonderful staff at the retreat cooked everything superbly.

I awoke in the dark one morning, and went kayaking, watching the sunrise over the sea, WOW! Clams were bountiful, and so were squid, so fresh calamari was not a luxury, but a staple. During the 5 days of swimming with sea lions, kayaking through rookeries, and exploring the desert and mangroves, we never missed civilization. Cold beer, ice, and soft drinks were brought in by boat, so we never lacked necessities, and the pilots were the most wonderful companions and guides. Yes, we had to leave the Las Animos retreat, and fly back to civilization, but even that was wonderful, the boat trip back to the airfield was as beautiful as the one going in, and we had some time to explore the small town.

Our trip was set up by Baja Sea & Air, it was flawless, and we don't think we will ever be as happy on a vacation again.


Baja Sea & Air
Every type of kayak is available at the retreat: Single pocket rockets, sit-ons, tandems, wide stable sit-ins - a kayakers paradise!


Costly, but worth every penny. Passport required...


We flew out of Brown Field in San Diego, CA


The books at the retreat (in the lodge) are fantastic in describing the wildlife and fauna in this area.
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Open Water/Ocean
  • Group Rates: No

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