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Auglaize River: Piquad Rd. to Fort Jennings Park during low water.

Trip Overview

Put In: Piquad Rd. fishing access actually located on Dogleg Rd. just of Piquad right before or after the bridge depending on which way you are coming. There is room for parking and 3 separate short trails of 20-30 feet that lead you to the river to put on from the bank. Not the best access point, but not the worst either. Take Out: Fort Jennings Community Park, just after the bridge on the right. Parking lot available 50 yards from access point. Water Level: 4.64 ft. according to the USGS meter in Kossuth, OH and 1.90 ft for the meter in Fort Jennings. I would recommend it being close to a foot higher. Trip Length: Around 12 miles is my estimation. Fishing: Very good for small mouth, even caught a 4.2 lb catfish bass fishing with a shallow diver. Wild Life: A Bald Eagle Family, Mom, Dad, and two juveniles who just learned to fly. A common theme all along the Auglaize and Blanchard River, every single time we go out. The usual Herons and other birds, and of course always a snake or two. ____________________________ What was supposed to be a 6 or 7 hour paddle, ended up being a 12 mile hike and paddle that lasted over 13 hours. We entered the water at 2:45 pm and got off at 4:15 am. I knew the upper part of the Auglaize was really low right now and I was hoping it would be a little deeper in this section, as this was my first time on the Auglaize past Agerter Rd. I was wrong!. It was a full moon, but unfortunately the trees blocked it out a lot. It's pretty crazy when you have to go through the many marshy areas with tall grass and mud when there is only one narrow path through it and it's pitch black and you can't see 5 ft. in front of you. On top of having to get out and drag our kayaks thru the many shallow areas over 30+ times, we had to drag our kayaks about 100 yds thru the tall marshy grass in the darkness because once we took a dead end and it was a long way back upstream and the other time and huge tree that was so fat it was too high to go over and to low to go under blocked the narrow passage around the marshy area, not to mention it had the most spiders I've ever seen on it. That almost broke us there, we chilled in the middle of the river for at least 30 minutes trying to keep warm with a dry towel, cuz we were soaked and it got below 60 that night and we were dressed for the day time. But we toughed it out and dragged our boats through the creepy marsh until we hit water again and finally with about a half mile to go we actually got good water. We kayaked at night before on the Hocking River, but that was by choice and we've done that section multiple times. This was a new section and wasn't by choice and there were a lot of grassy marshes with narrow passage thru that are next to impossible to see at night. We already learned that spotlights and flashlights don't work very good, you have to have the light up high for it to have any affect. In conclusion, our experience was one that we will never forget, some good and a lot of bad that I couldn't get too, but it might of been a decent 12 mile trip if the water was about a foot higher. I might try it again if the conditions are better, but I would leave a lot earlier. It's not really a section you want to do at night, do those on open sections that you are familiar with, unless you get a good light post.
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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