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Auglaize River in Ohio

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

The Auglaize River is a nice easy quiet river to paddle. No rapids, just riffles and swift water here and there.The river flows from South to North. There is a livery at Ft. Amanda, and they do offer rentals, as well as shuttle service. If your shuttling yourself, you can park at the livery to take out, just talk with the owners first, if they are not at the livery, the house across the street is theirs, just knock on the door.

The river is clear and free from logjams and other hazards this year, from Buckland OH, to Ft. Amanda Rd bridge. I paddle this area of the river on a regular basis and often I am the only kayak on the water.

When the water level at Ft. Jennings is around 2.8 feet the river is the funnest and more challenging, yet easy enough for an inexperienced paddler to go down. The river breaks up into narrow shoots about 4 feet wide that run from 100 feet to maybe 1000 feet or more. They are swift, narrow, twist and turn, then open into small pools, then back into the shoots. In the summer with the river grass tall, you really feel down in the river passing threw these shoots.

There is an old lag jam just north of Monroe Street bridge, the river splits and you can go left or right most of the time. If you go to the right be ready to feel a very strong swift current, that will try to throw you into the logjam. If you're going right, be ready, the current may fool you. I've seen a few friends get caught in it and they came too close for comfort with the logjam.

The river is up and I've yet to paddle it at a lower level, so there maybe some new blockage or hazards during lower levels. Report to come as soon as nature allows.

Along the river you will see many different birds from the usual Ohio water birds to the new nest of Bald Eagles, deer, turtles, snakes, and various other creatures.

Just south of Main Street bridge there are ATV trails that cross the river, so if you hear them, keep an open eye for one to come across the shallows.

This section of the river is maintained by Ft. Amanda and is kept free of hazards during their season, the rest of the year you are on your own. Last fall a tree fell across the river from bank to bank. The ice must have moved it down stream as it was not there on my first trip in March just after the ice broke up.

Ohio Department of Watercraft told me they have a new fleet of canoes and will be monitoring this section of the river, due to the unfortunate drowning of a kayaker in the Columbus area. They said they will be on the river, and checking for regulation safety gear this year.

Updates to follow in the near future.

In spring the white bass are a bit skittish and jump when you paddle, so don't be surprised if a few jump right over you, or in my case jump and hit you in the head. They are fun, and for the easily startled... Quite a good laugh. My niece said I screamed like a girl, *lol* well it hit me in the back of my head, and it was the first to jump that day. I know no excuses, but it was hilarious.

Good fishing in the pools for white bass and small mouth bass.


All the launches are natural river bank, so you must choose what suits you and your ability. For my senior friends I get them in the kayak ashore and push them in, as the bank can be muddy and slippery and very difficult to get into your kayak. I've taken my nephew of 8 years to friends in their 60's, and all have done fine with no one capsizing (yet)


Parking at Ft. Amanda might require a small parking fee, they have never charged me yet. Their rentals are priced according to length of trip, as well as shuttles.

Location and phone number

Address: 22638 County Highway 109, Lima, OH 45806
Phone:(419) 657-6782

Otherwise there are no fee's just the usual state laws, and respecting private property. Leaving a trip report on your dashboard of your vehicle is recommended. The sheriff does patrol the area, and DOW.


From Ft. Amanda Rd go south on !98 to 197 (From the the south, Wapak take 198 to 197) Buckland River rd. Turn west on 197 and then take the first right on to Buckland River Rd, then the first right onto a side road to launch. You can park at the dead end. Do Not Park in the grass launch area, it is private property and the farmer and livery will be upset with you.

Off of 198 every road you cross has access to launch, just park accordingly at the bridges.

Put in locations are:
Buckland-Holden Rd. Monroe Rd. National Rd. Place Rd. The bridge on 198 is not recommended other than emergency access. Take out at any of the above or upstream at Ft. Amanda Livery or on to Ft. Amanda Rd bridge. Take out left North of the bridge (Steep hill, big rocks, and slippery grass.)


Google Maps - Buckland, OH

Trip Details

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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