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Acadia National Park in Maine

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

Starting in Seal Harbor on Mount Desert Island. Easy launch point, great parking. Walk your boat(s) about 10 yards and drop it in. Paddle outward along the shore to the mouth of Seal Harbor, pass famous house landmarks proceed past Bracy Cove. You may see seals here. Onward to the nestled Northeast Harbor. We had been traveling for about 1 hour at this point and we stopped to fill up on food and drink. Once loaded we exited out of Northeast Harbor out past Greening Island. This is a private island and there is no trespassing. Onward to Somes Sound, about 2 hours after our first stop in NE Harbor we proceeded into the sound. Water here can be a little rough at times. Stay clear of the sharp rocks on lower tides. If you remain about 100 feet off the shoreway you will be fine.

Proceed into the sound for another 15 minutes and rest on the right side of the rocks. You will know by the sudden rock cliffs fade into walkable and easy climbing forms that you can rest your boat on without scratching the hull. While on the rocks pay close attention to the shoreline to the left and right of you. There is an abundance of very curious seals in the area. The Fish & Game has stated that seals in this area are very disturbed and frightened by the increase in kayak activity. Chances are you will not see any until you have stopped and rested. There is an abundance of Puffins, and some North Atlantic Dolphins in the area as well. Explore the Sound. It is rich in waterfalls and wildlife.

Enjoy the beauty of the trip. Keep in mind that the water never gets above 58 degrees! Even in August on the hottest day. August is a thick migration of jellyfish, but its splendor and beauty will capture anyone who ventures the trip.


Plenty of Campgrounds. I suggest Bar Harbor Campground on rte 3. About 10 miles in from the initial entrance to the island. Clean and well maintained private family camping.


No fees or permits to park in Seal Harbor.


In New England 95N to Bangor Maine. Head East on Rte. 4 heading to Elsworth. Continue on 4 until you reach Mount Desert Island. Once on the Island Follow Rte 3 to Otter Creek. You may want to stop at a visitor location and pick up a travel island map.


Book I highly recommend: The Sea Kayaker's Guide To Mount Desert Island by: Jennifer Alisa Paigen

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Open Water/Ocean

Trip Location