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Name: Batcivic

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The first thing that I noticed was the hull speed of this boat is extraordinary. It carves well but is very predictable and you stay in control. With the speed I'm comfortable river running the boat. When the river catches and edge you can easy release it. You feel right at home within a few minutes of paddling. Cartwheels are easier then you think when looking at the boat. I actually screwed up my first cartwheel because it went vertical so easy it shocked me and broke my concentration on the move. It balanced well and I never felt out of control. It also rolls very easily despite the high deck and width. Flatwater moves just required an adjustment on how I initiated them due to the big volume concentrated around the middle but I was able to get it vertical on both ends no problems right away. I'm 6'2" 220 lbs size 12 shoe. Its the first boat that I ever was able to use foot blocks in. Super comfortable. Super easy and comfortable outfitting. The only complaint is the seat wants to shift left and right. Not bad but it does. I'll be gluing the seat in as anything different in my boat and I notice it. Getting in the seat pad has a tendency to get caught as you slide in and you have to reach back and slip the top inch in the back up into place. The boat is screaming that it wants big waves and I'm dying to get this boat on big ocean surf. I think there I may like it to carve a little better than in a hole or wave that's more retentive.Im giving it 5 stars based on thinking Fluid really balanced ocean surf ability with freestyle white water though.