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Name: Wishiwasupnorth

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I absolutely love this kayak. I specifically bought this boat because it is light enough to portage in the BWCA with out any problems and it is easily set up to fish out of. Between the rear storage and internal storage I have no problem fitting all my camping gear and my fishing gear. The durability of the boat is great. I do some cold water paddling and have found a few rocks just under the water with zero cracks. Not proud but I even dropped it once on my driveway trying to load it and again only a scratch on the bottom. The boat is reasonably fast. Same length sit in kayaks can pull away slowly but you will give them a run for there money. Thanks to it’s length it tracks very well for not having a rudder or slag and it allows you to handle a decent amount of rough water. It does however get blown around a little bit in a cross wind but that comes with being on a sit on top.