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I had been paddling with a custom-made wooden Greenland paddle for 4 years when I first tried the Kalleq, one of them as a professional touring guide. I first tried the Kalleq on a day-long advanced sea kayaking lesson. It was a loan from a store and I wasn't necessarily planning on buying it right away, but it never got back to the store... I had my doubts: I was used to a shouldered paddle, the weight was not that much lower than my wooden stick, and the total surface of the blades was more than I'm used to. Not being particularly strong and being prone to injuries, I was afraid the paddle would be harder on the joints. I was blown away by the feel of the paddle in the water, particularly the catch. It was so much better than what I was used to. After just 2 hours with it, every technique just felt easier, which was a great confidence booster. It was especially true of braces, draws and rolls. With proper greenland technique, there is a lot of power in the blade, and I did have to adjust my rhythm: the additional surface added resistance on each stroke, and I had to remind myself to paddle slower. Now used to that new rhythm, I don't feel it is harder on the joint compared to my wooden paddle, or that I tire more rapidly on longer expeditions. It is expensive, but worth every penny. If it was broken, I'd certainly get another.