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I loved the Mr. Clean, but it was a pig in the water. Super comfy, but slow. When I swapped the Mr. Clean for the XXX, I gained surfing while compromised comfort. Experiments with heat guns and footballs to expand foot room were met with marginal improvements as the knee and thigh placements were low. Overall, the XXX was a painful day on the river. Then came The Homeslice (essentially a modern Mr. Clean) which is everything I want in a kayak. It is very fast and loose while surfing, allows me to squirt and splat anywhere, all while being the most comfortable person on the river. The only area this does not excel is on steep holes. The local playpark is built for more aerial moves for the shorter, stubbier and blunter kayaks. I also don't care for the color choices, but that is getting a bit picky. I love the Homeslice. Thank you Pat!