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Name: francisgan

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The Kalleq is so smooth it's in a class of it's on amongst all the carbon fiber Greenland paddles I've demoed over the last couple of years. The fact that it's lighter than the Akiak is the first thing you notice before even getting on the water. The Kalleq works very well in a high angle outward stroke and very forgiving. Water entry at all angles is also quieter and smoother. It ergonomically falls to hand much better and takes more effort to overpower.

For smaller hands, the slightly wider blade than the Akiak may make it a challenge to grip for a sculling brace but that wasn't a problem for me (barely).

In any case, I was so impressed with the Kalleq, I got a second one - one for my east coast boat and one for the west coast boat - seeing as the TSA does not allow kayak paddles carried-on planes.

My wife tried it after using the Akiak and instantly preferred the Kalleq - looks like a 3rd Kalleq may be on the horizon