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I have been kayaking for the better part of 30 years and have enjoyed a variety of kayaks.I must say that I'm quite impressed by Boreal Design's Compass 140. After selling my tandem kayak because I just couldn't bear the thought of lifting it on to the roof of my SUV, I wanted something lightweight. Their ultralight version is listed as 42 lbs but suspect its a little more but still light enough to easily carry around. I was most impressed at how smoothly a kayak of this size tracks, yet still loose enough to turn quite sharply. It handled well in ocean waters with a slight chop. It's storage is comparable to most Touring Kayaks and I could easily pack all I needed for overnight. Primary and secondary stability are comfortable enough for a beginner as well as a seasoned kayaker. I found I could really build up speed quickly due greatly to its lighter weight. All in all a good all around kayak and am glad I chose this over a more expensive kevlar kayak.