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The Aukaneck is designed for surfing type activities. I'm a large paddler weighting about 230 lb.'s and paddle a expedition type kayak that is over18' in length. Often I will have 150 lb.'s or more pounds of gear, food and water in the kayak. When the ocean waves get in the 3-6' category and the winds are in excess of 10 knots, I reach for my Aukaneck paddle as it provides me a lot more power to control my kayak. I love the extra power that I get out of this paddle.

The workmanship on these paddles are terrific. Most of my paddling tends to be extended trips in the Puget Sound area and along the British Columbia coast, typically from 2 to 3 week at a time, covering between 100 to 200 km. At the end of a long day, I really appreciate how light the Kalleq is, I find that my body is not as tired with the Kalleq, as compared to my wooden paddles. The paddle handles well in the wind. This superb paddle!